Shops and Sales Areas

Fast. Functional. Friendly.

The Principle

Minimal Downtime: same day access!

Easy to Clean: seamless and impermeable, safe to wak on.

Skid-Resistant and Decorative Surface: in accordance with international standards and OSHA regulations.

Tested and approved: under international rules for Foodstuff Hygiene. Certified by independent labs.

Attractive Appearance: Unlimited colors and designs.

Advantage comparison

Compared to
Ceramic Tiles

  • No seams
  • No leaks
  • No cracks

Compared to

  • No fading
  • No mildew
  • No hygiene problems

Compared to

  • No grinding
  • No waxing
  • No polishing

Compared to
Terazo Slabs

  • No cracking from impact
  • No germs in cracks